We are providing this service to the Society and in view of the associated problems with the beneficiaries of this service; we have decided not to charge any fees. There is no registration fees, no continuation fees and no renewal fees.

Normally, we have observed that the fees for a period of six months is US $ 100. But to run this type of set up and provide quality service, there is a cost to it and for this we are of the view that our friends, supporters, sponsors and affiliates should complement us by:

We understand that you will consider this and be helpful to us for the promotion and survival of this project.

If you agree with this, then kindly send your contributions or support money by specifying the purposes if it is other than contribution the specification.

Time Management Club

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UBL Avari Tower Branch Karachi 75530, Pakistan

Please send us scanned copy of deposit slip at admin@betabeti.org