Join us as a Community or Coordinator or in individual capacity

Matured, retired and senior citizens are requested to engage themselves in this pursuit commercially or as a contribution to society. Similarly, the custodians of religious places, the office bearers of community services and NGOs and NPOs are also expected to work with us on this project.

We also expect retired professionals, Leaders of religious places and armed forces personnel to take part in this intiative.

We intend to have this organization spread to postal code level of each area and each postal code unit be counted as a coordinator contact.

If you have time, or intend to devote time to provide easiness to people and community, this project may be one the big opportunity for you.

If you are a couple and intend to engage yourself either commercially or as a social work or not for profit activity, believe us, you will be doing wonders.

We would suggest that you introduce this project to individuals, families, communities, NGOs, NPOs, and religious organizations. We also encourage the membership in following categories:

  1. Community based- If the whole community intend to become members, they will approach us for this and we will facilitate them how to proceed. It will require formal arrangement, review of credentials, and enter into a formal agreement with us in order to provide this facility to the respective members.
  2. Coordinators based-this is an activity which will involve retired and senior citizens and couples to engage themselves in this activity. They will have to approach us through the web facility and submit their CVs and credentials and we will verify them through contact details. Based on their agreement, they will be allowed to use this facility as a coordinator and provide this service to many people approaching them.
  3. Direct access- Anybody can directly access the website and agree on terms and conditions and then can utilize this facility.

Service to the society and the cost of the service

We have plan not to charge any fees and find other avenues to sponsor to this project or sponsor each of the candidate, We will be trying our best to run this without charging any fees but circumstances may lead us to review this and we may approach you to contribute us to meet the cost. This is remotely expected. We will try and find sponsors, advertisers.