About Us

In order to facilitate the persons seeking matrimonial matching for themselves, their family members, relatives, friends and community members, the Betabeti.Org has taken this initiative to provide:

  1. Community based
  2. Through coordinators; and
  3. Direct access to website to find the reasonable matching.

Here the members (direct or through community or coordinators) will be able to upload their information through a registration form, and after a verification, these information will be uploaded and then they will be able to download the matches and contact details of the matching candidates.


Persons accessing this facility directly or through coordinators and community administrators are deemed to have taken the responsibility of the information provided as the misrepresentation in providing information and use of this information other than this purpose may have legal consequences between the parties and offering and accepting parties,. The Betabega.org is just a facility and does not take or assume any responsibility for any misrepresentation of information uploaded, mis-use of information downloaded and any legal consequences arising from the information provided and obtained from this facility.

The Betabeti.Org has intention and is in the process of establishing controls to be implemented to mitigate such incidences. However, no one can see the human intentions and make a comprehensive preventive plan. Our efforts will be continued to make this facility a safe one so humanity can be benefit from this.